TCU parking

Have never been to a game in Ft. Worth. Looking online for parking - it seems all reserved parking I’m finding is sold out. Anyone know of lots with shuttle service? We have two handicapped persons in our group who can’t make a long walk…

Thanks!!! Suggestions welcome!

The best man in my wedding graduated from Arkansas and TCU, so he’ll be there next week. I called him today and asked about the parking situation. He said it is pretty bad - “worse than Arkansas.”

He said there are a lot of “old money” homes near the stadium, so there aren’t as many parking options as here, where most yards are available for pay parking. He said he didn’t know of a shuttle option, but was going to check with some other TCU folks to find out. Maybe I can report back something here later in the week.

I would suggest calling the TCU switchboard Tuesday and asking if they can put you in touch with anyone who would know the answer.

I have been to a game at TCU … If you can go early. There are places to park but nothing close. We parked at a Church 2-3 hrs before the game. Leaving is a nightmare!! But Ft Worth is a nice city, with a nice selection of resturants.

Yikes - sounds daunting

Will check with University tomorrow

Thanks for all replies and suggestions

Let us know what you find out. We have 11 of us heading to the game.

On the official parking website there is a listing for a Methodist Church that is across the street from a high school that has bathrooms and runs a shuttle. We reserved our spots at the church for $35 - even have a dedicated spot!