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Depends on what you like whether or not you think Fort Worth is a better place than Lubbock. I don’t. I’ve spent time in both. Traffic is one thing I’ve never enjoyed about the DFW area. I wouldn’t want to live there. Lubbock has drawbacks, yes. But it has great people and is a great town. Now recruiting is a different deal. More players in DFW than in Lubbock.

Different deal as far as administration, too. There is a HUGE difference between the alumni. The Fort Worth crowd at TCU is sliver stocking. Rich, rich, rich, but they don’t generally support athletics the way they do at Tech. Tougher to develop a walk-on program at TCU, almost impossible because of the tuition. You can at Tech.

Again, it just depends on what you enjoy. TCU is not my cup of tea.

I talked to Tony Vitello a little about TCU. He said it was a unique place and that wasn’t exactly praising it. I’ve talked to some who absolutely loved Lubbock, both coaches and residents.

Again, to each their own. Some might have an entirely different opinion. It’s kind of like the discussion we had here a few weeks ago about Austin. Not my kind of place, but I don’t enjoy the same things as others.


Lubbock is not a bad place. I do a nice business there. The people are great. It all depends on what a person likes. Certainly not for everyone.

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I’ll second that, Clay. I was in both cities often over a 10 year period. I always enjoyed my trips to Lubbock , while Ft.Worth is just part of the DFW quagmire.

The only real bad thing about Lubbock is that it is very much like living on an island. You are a long ways from anywhere.

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