TCU open

Wow. Wow.

Just doesn’t make sense. Patterson is an outstanding coach who has done so much for that program. Who do the Frogs think is going to step into his shoes? Must be more to the story.

You kinda saw this one coming. Effective immediately. Jerry Kill will serve as interim coach.

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Last three years were 5-7, 6-4 and now 3-5, and they were not particularly competitive yesterday against K-State. They were trending downward, and trending downward is not a good thing when you make $6.1 million a year. Especially if your conference is teetering on the edge of losing P5 status. Now is not the time to be mediocre and wind up back in the AAC.

According to The Athletic, the AD met with Patterson last week, wanted to know what changes GP planned to make in the offseason, and didn’t like what he heard. He was asked to finish out the season when he was let go today and he said, “Nope, I’m outta here.”

Tcu and Texas tech both want sonny dykes. Have to think tech will definitely kick tires on Kendal briles. I do know he is interested and they will talk to him.

Will be crazy if aranda is the choice at LSU. I tend to think they want high freeze.

With two significant openings in Texas, I feel like Briles could be a serious contender to not be here next year.

Thanks for the additional information. I had not really followed the program during the past year or so. I also didn’t realize Patterson had been at TCU for over 20 years. An unusually long time for a coaching tenure, especially in today’s environment.

You kinda got the feeling his seat was scorching after SMU beat them this year. They don’t like losing to the Methodists. And yes, 21 years is an eternity in college coaching. Saban is in #15 and it seems like he’s been there since the Nixon administration.

There is a statue of Patterson in front of the TCU stadium. Stunning. There might not be three other programs whose identity is as closely tied to its head coach. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think TCU will get a rude awakening once he’s gone.


TCU’s advantage in Big XII play was toughness on defense and generally a more hard-nosed approach than some of their Big XII peers. That advantage had eroded quite a bit the last few years. Some of the media kept perpetuating that image almost to the end, but the edge has been gone for some time.

I’m not sure Dykes will be a great hire, but he’s probably as good as TCU can expect.

Interesting that Traylor at UTSA just signed an extension with a big enough buy-out to make it tough for TCU or Tech to swallow.

If I were Gary, I’d ask to take it with me; would look nice in a courtyard/garden! :+1:

Tech fans are getting worried that TCU is a better job (which it is, as any visitor to Lubbock will confirm) and will hire somebody they want (like Sonny Dykes).

TT might have to badly overpay to get someone like Traylor. Or take a chance on some coordinator.


Well we have his replacement on staff, so we should be fine. And I want what is best for Kendall. I’d like to see Dowell start to have a significant impact on recruiting. I’d like his time in the NFL to work in our favor like CEM’s time in the NBA

Kinda like Mizzou getting rid of Barry Odom. I think Patterson needed a change. I don’t know if he will coach but I think he could be a heck of a DC for someone, especially one Texas, TAM or Baylor. I’d go to to TAM if I was him, although he may not want to move over there. I don’t know much about his background - i.e. family and where he’d like to live.

It looks like he has a foundation in the Fort Worth area, that’s important to him, so he’ll probably end up on the Cowboy’s staff in some capacity. That would be awesome!

Gary was sick of the way college has been going for sometimes. He has been the best coach in thatleague for a long time. he was never coming back next year.

Patterson is 61 and has a boatload of money. If he really wants to continue coaching, sure, but he may just want to spend time with the grandkids and play his guitar.