TCU Odds and Ends

I think the rule on the coin toss should be changed to a real “toss” off the field. I will take Skipper against the four TCU players, none of them would be standing when he got through.

When TCU lined up for the game winning field goal with seconds left (barring a Hog miracle) it was third down. It’s a good thing we jumped on the ball or they could have tried another kick on fourth down.

Gary Patterson threw players and coaches under the bus in his press conference. He should have thrown the equipment manager instead for not giving him a XXX size shirt to wear. BP is overweight but at least wears enough clothing.

Speaking of CBB, that was a terrible golf swing they showed when promoting “Being Bret”.

Not sure who is more intense, Morgan or Skipper. You have to love that kind of effort from both.

Hate him or love him, I thought Coach BP was the best play caller we have ever had. Enos is just as good, give him a giant raise for what he calls and the way he prepares the QB’s.

Can any defensive back stop Sprinkle when the ball is thrown tall and on target? No…

I thought taking SEC officials into to Texas would help our grievances over the old SWC days… nothing changed.

Miss Arkansas (Savvy Shields) just won the Miss America crown. Miss Arkansas won in '64 (our NC) and in '82 (finished in the Top 15). Thanks Savvy for pushing our Hogs toward the top.