TCU hires its OC and QB coaches

…and neither is Chad Morris. Patterson apparently requires coaching competence. I wonder if the Morris family was counting on something that never materialized here.

Patterson has often promoted from within. This should not surprise. And it probably helps for coordinators to know him really well because he’s a different kind of guy. Not the easiest to work for.

Often times the good ones aren’t.

I know someone who worked for Gary and he may fire a guy several times during the year. A different cat.

I’m not sure I would work for CGP. I can see that working for Saban might be similar. All said, I’m pretty happy with our coach!

I’m told that Saban has mellowed a bit. But a bit might still make him a bear of a boss. Patterson is easily that. Saban hasn’t had any poor seasons of late. Patterson has.

I would have to agree with all of that.

Well it appears at Arkansas, you get fired if you don’t please the coach. Power 5 football, you better produce or Sam Pitman will show you the door. Now Sam may not chew you out on the sidelines but he will get his point across!

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