TCU has Arkansas game circled . . .

. . . from the Dallas Morning News . . . … redictions

That’s like old times. TCU circled it every year. It was the conference opener for the Horned Frogs. And, it usually was close, but Arkansas usually won. I think it’s good if someone circles a game and you are it. It’s a sign of respect. Arkansas won last year, but barely. It will be tough again.

We need to, and should, win this game, but it’ll be tough. However, while I think this game could speak a lot about the rest of the season, I think the Texas A&M game will be more telling. If the Hogs are 2-1 and 1-0 after three games, they could still have a special season. Obviously, a 3-0 and 1-0 record is preferred.

I have it circled too…

It was also Arkansas’ SWC opener, for many years. And to say that Arkansas “usually” won is putting it mildly. IIRC, the Hogs beat TCU 22 straight times stretching from the late 50’s through the entire decades of the 1960’s and 1970’s. It took the black cloud that often follows me to break the streak; I was in the stands when the Frogs scored 2 TD’s in the final 4 minutes of the game to upset Arkansas in 1981 (just 2 weeks later, we stunned #1 Texas 42-11).

it is huge for our momentum!! have to win it if we plan on winning 8-9 games

Man we gotta win this one. If we lose to TCU then we are lacking. But we have the Austin Allen JCorn connection. Go Hogs.

deja vu. Kingsbury really focused on that game and had Mahomes to finish the execution. I know we are on a happy ride, all is good and everyone is going to play up to highest potential with some hoped for huge breakout stars… Rarely does it all fall in place like we rationalize now. I’m just saying this feels like a Texas Tech do over from 2015. We took Lubbock and they took Fayetteville. We took Ft Worth and ??? We are on a real ugly 2 game losing streak and lack an identity yet. I’m hoping Enos and Rhoads are difference makers as far as attitude and expecting to win ala the 22 win streak alluded to vs TCU when we just pulled through no matter what.

After Va Tech and Mizzou I would hope Arkansas would have this circled. Given the way 2016 ended Arkansas fans are hungry for a meaningful win. A TCU A&M sweep would quiet the most vocal critics. I can say this confidently given that I am one.

TCU is ranked in several preseason lists I’ve seen. They are probably better than either Mississippi school or A&M, for instance.

You could make an argument that TCU is the strongest program in the state of Texas right now.

TCU is currently a 1 pt. favorite on sportsbook.


Not only is TCU ranked, but the Frogs return most of its offense that nearly outscored us last year. Don’t think losing to them is the end of the world, but a victory would be quite satisfying.

I can see Arkansas going into the Bama with a 5-0 record, should the team play up to the current expectation of some of our fans. I can also envision a 2-3 record if they don’t, with SC being a road game.

Long season if we lose to TCU and A&M (again).

And eight back on Defense. Arguably, the most seasoned team from a Power 5 conference.

Let’s get it on! I was at the game last year, we should have won by 14!

We are at home, don’t kick to that water bug and punch the ball in from the 1 every time! We smoke them!

I’ve been watching replays on TV of games from the 2016 season. We were so close to being 9-4, but also close to being 5-8. A block here, a stop there will make the difference in many games. I think it comes down to focus on every down, no matter the score. We have come out strong in most games under Bielema. It is clear that he and his staff do a good job getting the players into a game with a good game plan and motivation. While TCU is a natural first focus, I suspect Florida A&M is where they are focusing right now. A close game against Florida A&M would not be good for morale going forward against TCU. By all expectations, we should win by 50 points against A&M, then come into the TCU game with confidence. If healthy, and confident, we beat TCU by 10 points in my opinion. If we have a slip in focus or confidence, then this could be another close one. I do like that we have those extra two days between the first and second games. And, I like the open date between TCU and Texas A&M. All of that bodes well for the Hogs. Now, they just have to come out and play to their potential.

We had broken their will and were on the verge of putting them away and our kicker doinked a 22 yd FG which gave them new life.

Many in the national media focus on how bad our Oline was last year and how terrible the Defense was for the last 2 years. Additionally, they focus on the loss of RWIII and the receivers. I get it. I also know that the Oline is going to be much better than those media members think. The WR’s worry me as far as experience. I am not worried about RB now that DW and CH have surpassed expectations.