TCU game thread

Looked like 18 of the 29 picks in the prediction thread were Arkansas.

I want to see us throw over the top when we have them all up on the line trying to stop our run game and I want Hill to change into a fresh uniform at half because the other one is in shreds from sacks the first half ! I so much want this team to prove that CBB and his assistants have turned this program around and for that to start today ! WPS

Scrimmages are over

Razorback Football begins today!

May the Fighting Razorbacks Run over and through these horney toads all game long

May the Nation Take Notice

Go Hogs Go

Or as they young people say: Woo Pig

Austin Allen has a monster day with a couple of young receivers having break out days.
But that happens due to Devwah & Chase slicing thru that so-called TCU fast defense.
And all of the above starts with the O-line.

The 3-4 defense & new DC is just what the Dr ordered.

We need to make a statement today

That statement is we belong in the top 25 and not the toads

The flyover was pretty great. Crowd filling in nicely. It’s noticeably louder in here.

Ready for kick off.

Not a good start.

“That was pretty easy”

Not a way to start on either side of the ball

Need to ram down the field on this drive!!

Their touchdown play should have been a stop. Didn’t see who the linebacker was, but he made the play flow inside rather than into Miller. Not a good start, but it’s a 4Q game.

Oline better pick it up

Great TD by Nance. He needs to stop the throat slash crap when celebrating.

Nice response by Arkansas. David Williams’ physicality was impressive.

Bad news, Deon Stewart is still in the tent after getting his legs rolled up on that drive.

Very nice response. Now time for defense to get a stop or turnover

Go Hogs!!

Special teams needs to get it together.

Special teams play???

Didn’t understand that either, that’s just stupid.

Stewart’s headed back to the locker room. Was walking on his own.

Mr. Ramirez having quite the game.

Penalties are killing us.