TCU-Cal may set the tone of the regional

Thegame tonight may decide how the regional goes if they are to beat Cal and their Ace who dominated the PAC 12 Elite teams that allows them to throw their great LH at us and will make our job much much tougher given our history against LH and this guy may be the best LH in the country but if Cal wins we get to face Cal #2 man and TCU will have to use thier Ace in the losers bracket so we need to take care of our business and Hope Cal beats TCU.

I agree. Obviously, Arkansas needs to focus on what is right in front of them - as the rest is out of their control. But as a fan, I’ll be pulling hard for Cal in the second game, because - frankly - I’m more concerned with beating TCU than I am Cal, especially once they’ve used their ace.

Gutsy call by TCU coach. Not sure I Could do that, but he might think this is the only way he can win the regional. I agree w original post. We shall see.

hmmmm all one sentence huh?