TCU at Arkansas

A couple more SEC games were also announced and included in the link below. … le_ha.html

I’d have to go back and look, but last year felt like it was least Arkansas has been on CBS in a long, long time. Just the Missouri game.

And Florida game… first part of CBS doubleheader

Yup. Totally forgot about it.

Arkansas was on a bunch of ESPN primetime games last year though, maybe the most ever. I was starting to think Joe Tessitore was our personal announcer.

Difference between the SEC and Big 12 . . . TCU folks are making somewhat of a big deal over the fact that this will be the first game TCU has played on one of the major TV networks since 2014.

Personally, I don’t care if a game is on CBS, or ESPN2 or ESPNU or whatever; I can and will watch any of them. I do know that not all channels have the same penetration; but I figure someone who wants to watch a game will generally figure out a way, if anyone is carrying it. … g-game?f=r

Seems like ESPN2 and U have longer commercial breaks than CBS or the main ESPN game. Not too noticeable at home, with a DVR and other distractions, but a long wait when watching in person. Might not be true anymore, I haven’t actually timed it or anything, but they seem longer.

All the games are on TV, but it’s still a big deal to be on the CBS afternoon broadcast. That network and time slot consistently has the highest rating of any college football broadcast. It’s a great chance for Arkansas to promote its program.

I haven’t noticed any difference. I was at both CBS games last year and many of the ESPN/SECN ones and the breaks still seemed to drag on forever. But not long enough to get to the men’s room and get back to my seat…

Espn announcer’s will verbally wonder off into another subject matter and put the camera on the sideline reporter to interview/discuss during a big play…lol

CBS is purposely over dramatic to keep you engaged on each play.