TCU ace Nick Lodolo on catcher cam: what our hitters will see


6’6 will get the ball on you in a hurry and I think he will be the best we have seen and can see why he will go in the 1st 10 picks.He is not impossible to hit though Okie St got 5 off him in the Big 12 Tourney after he K’d the 1st 8 of the game.
I think the key is to be aggressive and not let him get ahead in the count(especially LH) where he can throw that nasty breaking ball and try to put the ball in play as much as possible hopefully that pathetic defense of theirs will help us We are supposely a good FB hitting team and we are about to find out.This video was agianst OKL last yr and you can see him freeze Kyler Murray…Go get him guys you can do it!!! WPS!!!

If he throws mostly FB’s we will hit him. Make take a few innings but our hitters will catch up to him. We seem to do some of our best hitting against better pitchers.
Hope that’s the case again.

I agree Jim as long as we make him keep it down, and while I think we need to be swinging early in the count which is not a strength of ours because if we let him get two strikes he’s going blow that FB by us up high or throw that nasty breaking ball off the play we have to make him keep the ball in the zone have a chance

The key to Lodolo’s success is his slider. When his slider is working, he’s very tough to hit because of how well he throws his fastball. I’m sure Nate Thompson is telling the hitters today to hunt their pitch; lay off the slider, wait on the fastball.

I hope TCU is as worried about Campbell as we seem to be about Lodolo. Isaiah has better stats, except for Ks, and has played better competition. Lodolo may be a top 10 MLB pick, but he’s got a ways to go before he’s ready for the majors. The only thing I worry about is that he’s a lefty. We haven’t exactly been stellar against any leftys this year.