TB Rakeem Boyd commits to Arkansas,,,

That’s four from this weekend and 13 signees or commitments overall.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … -arkansas/


WOW! What might this staff do with a full year to work!

DD, does this leave us with 4 or 5 slots left? Your best guess

Wow…very impressive! WPS!

If going by Coach Morris’ stated intention, it leaves 3-5 - and I think they likelihood is best that it is 5.

They now have 8 signees and 5 commitments, counting Jonesboro OL Noah Gatlin

My math says 3 maybe 4, guess we still have to realize we don’t have any spots available currently and still probably have JJs grandson to add to the mix.

With our departures just announced today, how are we looking towards the 85 cap?

Boyd have 3 to play 3?

For him to be the #3 juco rb, wonder why he doesn’t have a slate of offers?

Looks like the kid film really didn’t get out, if you go back and look at his offers from HS , you can see the list there… The kid can play and has that take it to the house speed, I was reading an article when he transferred because of grade issues and it was talking about he was expected to see time in the back field at A&M with the backs last year…


Again, John Stephen Jones is slated to be a blueshirt so he will not be in this year’s numbers

So he doesn’t count against the 85 until he actually goes on scholarship?