TB had his surgery


Looks like his surgery was a success. That’s great. Now is he returning to play at Arkansas next season? That’s the important question.

Where? Lyle do it?

You might as well lump highly rated portal players in with 5 star high school players. The expectation when you get them is that they’re here for one season. For future recruiting sake, that is what you want to happen, or else in the world of recruiting, you didn’t help get them to the NBA. Nothing helps recruiting more than getting one and done players. Is it what’s best to develop a team, maybe, maybe not. Those lottery type players are what wins championships these days though. They’re also what sustains a program to stay great, not just good. Even Gonzaga does this now

I wonder why so long between injury and surgery? I thought they usually did pretty quick to maximize time for healing and PT ahead of a new season. I hope he comes back next year but regardless just hope he gets back to normal.

I know there is exercise protocol before surgery and goals they want met before surgery takes place. Not sure if that could be the reason or not, both of my daughters had to do the pre surgery PT, one was playing basketball, the other snow skiing.WPS

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There is swelling after the injury which needs time to subside. They wait for that to happen before doing surgery.


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