Taylor Powell transferring again (in the Portal)

That might be good timing for Powell and UA.

With Renfro’s injury, we need another QB.

PWO and hope to win a scholarship?

Arkansas is not in the picture with Taylor.

Does anyone remember who we offered instead of Powell? Dudley or Richard?

Daulton Hyatt

Yep. It was Hyatt. There are some strange twists to it involving assistant coaches. But ultimately that was Bielema’s call.

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Was Hyatt an Enos preference?

Hyatt was a huge bust. He transferred to West Alabama and I am yet to find any evidence that he ever took a snap there.

Yes, Dan Enos was the QB coach who picked Dalton Hyatt over Taylor Powell. They competed in some of the same camps and Taylor won the awards. Dalton did not. Enos liked Hyatt because of height and speed. Jim Chaney might not have taken Taylor either. He saw him after he got to Georgia and it’s my understanding that he told him if he was two inches taller, he’d offer him. Glad neither Jim Chaney or Dan Enos was at Arkansas when Clint Stoerner came along.


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