Taylor Powell flips to Missouri

Guess we will be seeing him in the future.

He was offered by mizzou last week. I figured this was going to happen.

Flipped from who? Us?

Wake Forest.

Minnesota flipped Mizzou’s QB to them and the Tigers went after Taylor.

He had committed to Wake Forest several months ago. Does this indicate the young man has character issues since he backed out of his commitment?

No, this means the young man got a chance to play in the SEC at the closes place from home, not named Fayetteville.

I think it means he wants to play in the SEC.

Didn’t Wake Forest have a coaching change, also?
And by the way, I enjoyed the book, ‘Point Of Impact’ Bob Lee Swagger.

Some of the thoughts here are obvious. He’s wanted to play in the SEC. It’s also much closer to home.

The other aspect that some are not noting here is that the Mizzou offense is exactly what he’s dreamed of playing in since the sixth grade. I know because he told me that. I know the family, know the player. Top notch bunch.

It was very tough for him to de-commit to Wake. Very good school. He wants to be a surgeon, like his father. Wake education is second to none as far as Power 5 conferences.

But the offense wasn’t a perfect fit, like Missouri. Barry Odom and Josh Heupel came to his home a week ago Sunday and made the offer. After that, things changed as far as Wake. I’m also aware that there were calls from North Carolina and Baylor in the last month.

I’ve always been surprised there was not more interest in Taylor for the teams that like to sling it around. He can do that and he’s got some ability as a runner, too. The knock on him has always been that he’s 6-1. He told me he’s one half inch taller than Austin, one half inch shorter than Brandon. All three can play. All three can go through progressions, something they were taught at Fayetteville High. That gives them a chance in college against changing coverages.

I think Taylor will do well at Missouri. I think he’s got outstanding ability, character and is extremely bright. He has great hands, very large for his size. I know an SEC grad assistant who measured them on a visit. They are large, of NFL size.

I’m told that Missouri told him that Chase Daniel had seen his tapes and wanted him to wear his No. 10. I don’t know that anyone has worn it since Chase left there. Maybe so, but that’s the impression I got. That’s pretty much the full court press in recruiting.

He can be a surgeon of secondaries Clay. He looks quite capable of dissecting coverages to me. All I can say is that I hope Dalton Hyatt really is the better QB. This one could come back and bite CBB in the hiney.