Taylor Edwards leaves Arkansas


Director of recruiting taking same job at Maryland.

Guessing this want be the last of departure either.

The trend is to hire a female at the position. Look for that to happen.

Presumably not a female volley ball player, huh.

Like the one already on campus??


Only if we get a package deal. !!! WPS.

I hate losing anyone associated with this past recruiting class. Was this the individual that Chad hired away from Alabama?


Yes, he is going with a friend from Alabama, Locksley. Not totally surprising. Ideally Brooke Stepp is ready to return.

Man this hurts.

We take recruiting to arguably our best since joining SEC with cutting edge modern efforts.

I know some might say bring a Tim Horton back whom I like but we need the modern touch that we finallly found that has been working like nothing else.

I would be very surprised if any of CCM Core guys from Clemson/SMU went anywhere. Tight, loyal group.

John Scott will be the DL coach at South Carolina.

Check…holdover from your favorite Coach.

This departure (Scott) will allow the Chief to hand-pick a coach. I like that.

It’s all about the money… he will be making more at his new position and get exposure because he wants to be in other coaching capacities. Can’t blame any young guy in the game to make this kind of move.

Supposedly our pay for this position was at, or near the bottom of the conference. One doesn’t know if the “cool” graphics were his ideas, our 2 graphic guys, or a collaboration. Taylor didn’t “recruit” like the coaches can, he just was in charge of all the logistics of the department. I mean, did you hear any recruit say I came to Arkansas because of the Recruiting Coordinator?

He hand picked Scott too. Chavis and Scott go back aways.

Nothing on their career paths show to have crossed?

They’ve known one another for awhile. You don’t have to be on the same staffs to know someone.