Tauren Carter

Did anyone else see his tweet?

Makes me wonder if he is going to commit.

He was congratulating Dylan Wright on his commitment and said he guess he would now see him every year in AT&T stadium.
I don’t think A&M plays another team ok AT&T ever year do they?

Or, he is alluding to the 5A finals which will be played in AT+T stadium, and he didn’t mention every year.

Could be true and that’s right. Had to go back and read it.
Also didn’t know they were playing in the same division.
I was a bit loopy last night after a long night prepping for tests, still caught my attention.

Side note, just checked 247 and he received quite a few picks for the hogs yesterday. So hopefully he was talking about the hogs and not the state championship. Could add to an already very impressive DL class, and help with Catalon.

It wouldn’t surprise me that it’s related to a Hogs-Ags game, but these are 17yr olds, so…

They are in the same region so they can’t play for the championship against each other at AT&T and neither team shows a scheduled game at AT&T this year so…