Taureen Carter

If there has been an update in the last several weeks, I have missed it. Is he practicing full speed leading up to the bowl game??

At bowl practices I have been to, he has been off to the side with a group of players getting in work with Ben Sowders.

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Pittman said last week that he was not going to play in the bowl game.

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He is not ready. I never felt he would be ready to play this year. It was a severe knee injury. I believe he is on a good schedule to be ready in the spring. That’s a 12 month rehab. Proper for the severe injury he sustained.

He was working on the sideline with the training staff today, along with a couple of others, just rehab work.

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Although it is obvious now, I don’t think I ever heard the coaching staff mention “serious”. I remember initially Coach Pittman saying he was all-in with rehab and might be back fairly soon…or something like that

I threw caution to that. I knew it was not happening.

I take what Pittman says about injuries with grain of salt. Check that - make it a salt mine.

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when severe there are orthopods saying 500 days to recovery… Seems to be true especially when meninscal damage happened

I just never bought he’d play this year based on type of severe knee damage. I think my info was good. He’s doing well. Just no miracles.

These things take time to heal properly, even with elite athletes. I’d rather have him fully healthy for spring and fall ball than to risk early re-entry for this bowl and mess up his recovery.

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