Taurean Carter's announcement

he said he’ll announce at 7:30 tomorrow night.

Your thoughts?


I concur. Arkansas.

Would be great news and certainly help to keep this steamroller of a recruiting train flying down the tracks towards the finish line. Could be the start of others to jump on board as well!

I hear the train a coming :boar::boar::boar::boar::boar::boar::boar::boar::boar::boar:

His commitment would be huge for sure.
One thing for sure we will know soon!

great player! we are bringing in some difference makers on the DL…very excting times ahead,if we can keep them healthy.

Fingers crossed!

Did postpone, commit elsewhere, etc.?

No. It’s tonight at 7:30 per RD in his post yesterday.


Really could it be possible to land Wolfe & Carter?

Where is the Wolfe stuff coming from? He has commited to aTm twice, what am I missing?

Oh…I see now :sunglasses:


Probably has something to do with Marcus banks, LSU decommit who looks like he’s now A&M bound.