Taurean carter

Anybody know anything about Carter’s rehab? Is he able to maintain upper body workouts as he presumably does lighter stuff with the legs? Projected return to full contact?

Well I heard Sam talk to the media the other day and they asked about him they expect him back at"some time"this year. Really put a damper on my hopes for him. I don’t know why I was thinking he might be ready for the first of the year but evidently this was pretty serious deal. He just said he hoped he would be back at some time didn’t make me feel real good about him helping us a whole lot this year and that’s a huge loss no two ways about it.

Sam’s exact quote:

We’re hoping. We’re hoping. Some kids heal faster than others. So, we’re hoping. He’s working awful hard to heal up, to get his injury healed up as fast as possible. But, there are resritctions obviously on the injury that he had. He’s working his tail off. If there’s anybody that’s going to get back at some point this year, I believe it’d be him, though. He’s got a strong desire to do that.


Scottie what did he have?? was it his knee??

Not certain on specifics, but it was his knee, and the ADG reported in early May he had surgery.

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Yeah I don’t know why I had forgotten that.I was hoping it was just a clean up job and he might be ready by camp but evidently they did have to go in and cut and do some repair.hate to hear that for the young man but hopefully we can get him back ASAP

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“…get back at some point this year”. That sounds like no chance for at least the first few games and a little doubtful at all for the season. Wish him well, we sure do need him. Coach surely would have said “…for fall practice” if that were a possibility.

I’ve heard late October at best, but my source was leaning more to being out the whole year.

No one is confirming but it was a serious knee surgery.

Thanks for the responses. Sounds bad for the upcoming season.

He is doing well in rehab. He might play but don’t see it happening in September.


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