Taunting call costs Vandy game

Results in a five point possession for SC. I never cease to be amazed by the stupidity of some of these athletes.

South Carolina took the bull by the horns after that. Did you notice the coach didn’t sit him down after that? He would wear blisters on his rear end if I was his coach.
Poor discipline!

I did notice that and thought the same thing. It’s seems to me that these coaches are now like businessmen who just accept the fact that a certain amount of their profits will be lost to employees pilfering. Just gotta build in 3-5 points lost to player stupidity and make sure your final point total overcomes that. How does that kid face his teammates in the locker room after a game like that? Do his mates just pat him on the back and say it’s OK or do they put a foot up his hiney? And I thought Vandy was supposed to have the smartest players in the conference. Mercy me Conrnelius V.

I really don’t think young players care like they did years ago. They probably laughed and let it go. That’s the attitude of the me generation.
The high profile players that are bought and paid for only play 1 year of college ball anyway and have loyalty only to money!
Coaches that except this type of behavior are not doing them any favors.

Vandy doesn’t recruit (or sign anyway) one and done type talent. But one and done or not, basketball players are coddled throughout the AAU system and expect the same when they get to college, not to mention the pros. Witness our kid who bailed out in January because his family didn’t think he was getting enough run.

They certainly signed two one-and-done types in the the 2018 class.

They would been near the top of the league if Darius Garland had not gotten hurt.

Garland is still projected as a lottery pick in the 2019 NBA draft.

Like Coach Anderson said the other day about Phillips leaving the program, “Nothing surprises me any more.”.

They would be “done for the one” if they played for Nolan or Sutton…