TattoO S U fans are nuts

… I just saw this on Facebook. Goodness.

I have friend who is a big OSU fan. On his Facebook feed he has a petition to keep Urban. I predict he gets suspended for a couple of games and is welcomed back with open arms.

It’s been 6.5 years since Petrino hit the ditch and we still have fans like that.

If Urban did, in fact, notify the proper people at the school about the allegations…then why would he be fired? This should be documented. It should take about 5 minutes to look in Urban’s file to check this. Then, if Urban did notify the school…the question would be why did you not fire the coach who the allegations were against? But is that a valid reason to fire a guy because he didn’t fire the assistant? I’m just asking…

In this world today, we want to blame everybody for everything that happens. ESPN surely wants Urban canned. They are wearing him out every chance they get. ESPN must have some Michigan executives there.

There are reports today, from her mother and the fired Asst. Coach’s mother, the ex-wife has been planning to take down her ex and Meyer for some time. I don’t think all the facts are in on this.

I’d say yeah, if he knew Zach Smith was slapping his wife around and let him stay on staff, that’s a pretty good reason for a dismissal. And that goes all the way back to the incident in Florida, never mind bringing him along to tOSU.

If he is fired, they will get a great coach to replace him. Is there a better job in NCAA football, except for maybe Alabama? The tradition, the fans, the Big 10 history all are pretty awesome. John Gruden might have taken that job.

He was spotted having Lunch in Colombus while preparing for Monday Nite broadcast in Kansas City :lol:

As we all know Urban is uber arrogant. However, if you can
win big, a pathetic personality doesn’t matter. We had a similar
coach in personality but he really liked motorcycles and blondes.

What color tie was he wearing? :wink:

No way moral standards will stand in the way of OSU winning… UM will get suspended but not fired.