Tate, Williams, Devo

All were huge down the stretch in this game. Williams was 4-4 FTs, Tate 2-2 and Devo with a great defensive play to end the game!

Great win!

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It’s a lot of fun watching Williams and Devo grow as players. The flair Devo is starting to show in his game, and the toughness both guys show as freshmen bodes very well for us the next couple of seasons.

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Everything points to Davis being a star. He plays so hard and doesn’t make nearly as many freshman mistakes as he did earlier in the season. His future is bright.

Williams played really well, especially down the stretch. He is going to be real good with some time and experience.

Tate, at the point, was the glue that got us this win. He played well.

It will be fun watching Devon and Williams play the next 3 years. It’s a shame KK is out or he would be impacting the game too! The future is bright for our hogs.
I thought Tate made some really clutch free throws. I would like to see him be more aware of where he’s at on the floor. Stepping out of bounds without pressure is just awful. The win was much needed but we still make some bone head mistakes. The game was too close for comfort.


I agree about court presence, Army, but I can see how that blue rectangle in that spot could cause some confusion. Glad for the win @ Rupp, but yeah, there is still plenty to clean up.

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