Tastes Like Chicken score prediction thread: South Carolina at Arkansas

Hoping to get some pressure on the Gamecocks’ quarterback to rattle him (see what I did there?). Another tense game. Hogs win by a field goal, maybe a late one. 31-28.

I think we beat them pretty good. They looked bad last week (outside of ST). I know they’ll improve but so will we.

Hogs 34-17

Cincy is better than South Carolina.

Hogs - 38
Gamecocks - 17


Hogs 38
Chickens 17

I see a theme here. Ima say Hogs 38, Baby Chicks 17. :smiley:

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Breakout offensive game for us. Hogs 45 - 27

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No Chik-fil-A, KFC or Popeyes around here. Hogs 18.6 Rooster Boosters 10.

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Hogs 34-20


Hogs 31-21

Hogs 40 Chickens 14

Hampton visits Rattler early and often.

33 - 20 Hogs
Not really that close, Chickens just get a late score.

Wish I was as confident as most of you. I think it will be close in the 4th Q. We pull it out with a late interception 31-27. WPS!!

Hogs 24 - 20

Game will be closer than we want and we are still making mistakes we will need to cleanup before the Texas A&M game. 4th quarter touchdown drive ensures the win and Little makes a 57+ yard Field goal in the first half.

Razorbacks win 31-20. GHG!


Ark 18
USC 13
Hogs slip by the chicks in a defensive struggle….

We have a good team without all the cockiness. I like that.
UA 35
SC 10

Hogs 31, chickens 21

I’m with @SWHog. I’m going with Arkansas, 31-21

Pork 42

Poultry-n-Snake 17