Worst rule in NCAA. Too much control by the officials to kick a player out. And how is a quarterback throwing a football not a defenseless player when he gets tackled by the helmet? I’m for protecting the players, but there has to be a better way.

agree, its a wonder any kid wants to play DB or S. The rules are so tight and judgemental in a split second play that its like powder puff

I’m all for player safety. But that was an awful call. Moreover, the fact that it was reviewed, and ruled to “stand” makes it even more egregious.

Truly sad thing is he’ll have to sit out first half at Auburn next week as well as miss 25 minutes of the second half of this game.

That call and the OPI called against Sprinkle were both
really, really bad.
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The worst of it was that the exact same play by an Ole Miss player was NOT called targeting, nor even a penalty.

I thought Coley pulled off. Oh well, I guess they are going to take the hitting part out of the game. The intent of the Ole Miss pass rusher was to grab Austin’s helmet and hurt him. No question about that. It’s just as vicious of a play as what Coley ALMOST did.

My thought exactly, he did what he was taught, take out the receiver after the interception. When it happened, I thought, WOW, great block. penalty never crossed my mind. The personal foul on Austin was nasty which easily could have resulted in a serious injury. At minimal, should have also resulted in an ejection.

Except that Coley had no way of knowing that there would be an interception. He was going for the tackle.

I thought it was a block when I saw it, Coley had a clear view of the interception. Bielema post game said it was Coley’s job to take out the receiver after the interception. I dunno, can Coley be interviewed before second half of Auburn game? :wink:

I know there are plays they send in to the SEC office every week. After the guy went after Austin’s head, I would have sent someone in to chop block him and end his season. PERIOD! The team must enforce protection of their QB. I know times are a changin but you have to send a message.

Ref missed a clear facemask on Keon Hatcher. Totally twisted his head around.

I thought Coley’s play was clean. He led with the shoulder.

I hate Ole Piss!

How was this not called??? AA could have had a career ending injury with this face mack and it was INTENTIONAL.

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It was a weak call. Technically it was a defensible call, but if you look at all the factors and he policy behind the rule, it should have been reversed on review.

He hit with the shoulder. Pulled off. The contact, if any, with the head/neck was minimal and not forceable (although the WR flopped back and sold it). It was clear Coley intended to pull off and wasn’t trying to clean his clock. He did just enough to block the guy.

And, he still got called for it.

Yes, I know CBB said it was the right call. But, I also know coachspeak from a coach who has rightfully been complaining a lot lately and I also know that CBB has led the player safety charge and doesn’t want to come off as a hypocrite.

The difference in intent and danger in between the Coley hit and the Austin face mask was huge.

Honestly, I thought it was a bogus call. Stinkin’ NCAA has just about handcuffed the defensive backs completely. I got news for the NCAA: It’s a rough game. If you don’t want to get popped, don’t play. I hear that that there’s a lot of infinitely boring soccer going around. You don’t get hurt playing that. At least inside the stadium.