Targeting in 2022

So…have the officials been instructed to either not call targeting, or overturn it, so long as the recipient of the hit is not decapitated?

I have seen at least three OBVIOUS targeting calls today. One not called at all (ours), two others reversed.

If the defender uses the crown of their helmet as a weapon and makes forcible contact with the HEAD of the ball carrier or passer, I thought that was targeting!?!?!

Guess not. Too many big $ complaints maybe?

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It’s different in every game. No consistency at all.

Get rid of the call and the game suspension that currently goes along with it.
It’s a physical game, just call a personal foul for unnecessary roughness and a 15 yard penalty when applicable.

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Yep. Though what saw today was bordering on consistent. Consistent as in there is no longer targeting.

It’s always been so inconsistent that’s why everybody has such a hard time with it.

What I don’t get is when the offensive player lowers his head into the defender he gets called for targeting.