Targeting calls and is it always the defenses fault?

I know if I was a tricky player I might be tempted to draw a target call or two. Sorta like those really smart WRs that can slow up just a bit and get the defender to run into them when they know they can’t catch it just to try and draw a flag.

Well, imagine being a WR, or RB (I would say QB, but hell they get hurt way too easy most times). Anyways, just before being hit and tackled, why not bow up, duck your head just a bit or lower your body and initiate the head to head contact. Its gonna go against the defense EVERY TIME. Why not take the chance to get a few good hard hitting defenders tossed out…

Just a thought… as such a point of emphasis as this seems to be this year why not massage the rules and help remove a few of the players from the defense?

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It’s possible. It’s also possible to remove yourself from the next three games with a concussion. Worth it?

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