Targeting....A good rule, poorly called

I really don’t like the concept of suspending a player for targeting, unless the hit appears malicious or just careless. But, when the offensive player lowers his body immediately before a hit, a tackler is likely to have some helmet to helmet contact. That’s what happened to Miami last night. They lost one of their best cover guys, which proved to be a great shot in the arm for LSU.

The key to this suspension is that it wasn’t called by the officials on the field, it was called by guys in the both, after watching slow motion. Just a dumb way to call the game.

I think you’re probably right about this. Football is a dangerous game & I’m all in favor of trying to make it safer without completely changing it. However, I think the targeting calls might be going a bit too far.

I think the guys that were working the Miami-LSU game need to call the guys who were working the Aub-Wash game and explain the targeting rule to them. Cannot believe the call they missed on the Auburn D, clearly hit the Wash QB head to head.

I think the spirit of the rule is good, but the rule itself is bad. I think it would be better if a tally was kept of targets, then an ejection was made for a second or third offense. I just don’t like the idea of throwing someone out of a game because they made a bad split-second decision or because someone else judged their intent.