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Friday is the day North Carolina should receive the punishment for the academic fraud from the NCAA!

Once again, the blue bloods of college sports can get away with just about anything

Is anyone surprised at this? NC, the bogus 2017 National Champs are college basketall’s most sacred cow. They are untouchable.

Prime example of the NCAA being spineless about enforcing rules! What a miserable way to represent thier image.
They might as well forget about the useless committee no changes will be made and even when they have proof that won’t punish a blue blood. The lying and cheating is fine with them! What a sad day. I’d like to see the FBI clean house. I wonder if a felony conviction is enough to keep a coach from coaching. Maybe the FBI needs to investigate academic fraud too!

Let me play devil’s advocate for a moment. What special privilege did athletes get at UNC that non student athletes get? Regular students signed up for these classes too.

If anything an UNC diploma should be rendered worthless and an accrediting body should take a hard stand toward UNC.

Quite an embarrassment to this supposed institution of higher learning.

Clay Travis (threw up in my mouth for a moment) explains it pretty well IMO

https://www.outkickthecoverage.com/all- … f-mail-15/

[quote]“What are your thoughts on UNC getting no punishment from the NCAA for academic fraud?”

I’ve been predicting this result ever since the case began — if athletes took easy courses that were also being taken by non-athlete undergrads then UNC has a systemic academic issue that isn’t directly related to athletics. So long as academic fraud impacts the university at large then it isn’t an athletics issue. Which is funny, this means it’s better for the entire university to be corrupt than for a small part of it to be corrupt.

Of course, this provides a convenient loophole for athletic departments — just offer made up classes and ensure you enroll non-athletes in those classes as well and if you ever get caught there’s no punishment for athletics.
Of course, the practical reality is that every school in the country offers sham classes like UNC did. Think about it, UNC is one of the best academic schools in the country, you think UNC is offering sham classes and Arizona State, Ole Miss, and Ohio State aren’t?

Come on.

I’ve been writing about this for years — every major college in the country cheats to keep its athletes eligible. Look at the Wonderlic scores from guys who have been enrolled and eligible for four or five years — some of them can’t even read. How do you think guys who can barely read have gotten into college and then stayed eligible there for their entire four or five years on campus? Because they have been given easy classes and other people have been doing the work for them.

Seriously, this happens everywhere.

I went to George Washington, which is a pretty good academic school, and every basketball player would take the same courses to stay eligible. I took several of the same courses too. I remember we all took “Voice and Diction” which was impossible to get a grade below a B in.

All you had to do was give a persuasive speech at the end of the class. That was our exam.

One Middle Eastern party dude in the class — you know how there’s always a Middle Eastern party dude who is promoting clubs on every college campus in America? This was that dude — gave his persuasive speech on why taking drugs made going to clubs better.

He got an A.

Anyone who has ever been to a college or university with major athletics and is worked up about UNC not getting punished is a hypocrite. YOUR SCHOOL CHEATS IN ACADEMICS TOO.

The only way to cure this, I think, would be for the NCAA to administer an exit exam to all student athletes. If a school had too many students fail then they would get put on probation.

But that will never happen.

So everybody cheats on academics.