Tar Heels coach commented on how elite Noland's sinker/slider whatever was ----

-------------- and how hard it was to hit. He very graciously tipped his hat to a well pitched outing by Connor.

Kevin Kopps sudden rise to the top pitcher in the game last year was because of his similar pitch that he did not have when he came to Arkansas but developed late in his career while there. During the broadcast, the commentator’s talked about the incredible rotation Tygart had on his curve ball. Acted like it could be unhittable when he was on.

My question is this normal progression for good pitchers or is there something unique going on at Arkansas? Is Hobbs and his development center doing some exceptional things to help his pitchers develop more effective pitches? Did Tygart already have the incredible curve ball before he came to Fayetteville or is this another surge in pitching power AFTER arriving on the Hill? I need info from folks who know far more about baseball than I do. Surely someone in that vast multitude can help 'splain it all to me.

Everything I hear points to Hobbs being an elite coach. During our slide late in the season someone asked “should we think about a new pitching coach”. It was so lame no one responded.


I think in a lot of instances, the pitchers have the stuff. I think pitchers are always tinkering with new pitches, but I don’t think most are being taught new pitches. It’s more about refining what they already throw.

What I think makes Hobbs and the development center valuable is the level of analysis that pitchers undergo. Between the force mound, the motion-capture cameras, the TrackMan, it creates a dataset that is being evaluated routinely and can create some a-ha moments that take a pitch to the next level.

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One thing I’ve noticed Matt is we don’t really have anybody that has a good change up. Is that a pitch that Hobbs really tries to develop with them??

Is it easier to have the same arm motion (as with a fast ball pitch) with a slider than with a change up? If you have a catcher that can block the sinking slider, wouldn’t it be the better pitch, slider versus change up? If Arkansas pitchers really don’t use change ups as much as other staffs, could this be a different “philosophy?”

That’s why I was asking the question . Does Hobbs teach this. Smith has one he just hardly throws it. It can be a devastating pitch because it messes up timing. I think it’s probably a hard pitch to throw and takes a lot of time to learn it but I think it’s well worth it if you can have that to go along with your fastball and a curve or slider

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My son in law is a pitching coach. The first pitch he taught my 13 grandson was a change up. The grandson has a good arm and he would throw heat and use the change as his strikeout pitch. He has 2 change ups now and a cutter. His goal in life is to play for DVH. His dad played at UALR.


Very wise decision in my opinion. Wish him the very best Danny


Is the change up easier for a young arm to learn? Less stress on the hand, elbow, etc.? No doubt it is a very effective pitch when thrown accurately after high heat pitches. It is interesting that some very effective pitchers prefer it and others use sliders and other pitches instead. Are they going with what is easier for them to master or what is the more effective pitch? I guess whichever is easier for one to master IS going to be the most effective. I don’t know enough to have an opinion, but maybe others can 'splain it.

@Hogmodo my son in law is very, very careful about injury to my grandson’s arm. He explained the change ups he began with are not harmful to the kids arm. And apparently neither is the cutter. He’s big on only allowing so many pitches before he’s pulled. And that goes for his HS kids and the 13 year old team he coaches. He says too many pitches in one day or kids throwing too soon after the last outing is a problem. He advocates kids playing other sports and getting away from baseball for a couple of months. My grandson plays travel basketball too.

Thanks for the info and lots of good luck wishes for your grandson.

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