Tanner McCalister


He said he’s still committed but will explore other options.

Which basically means, it sounds like to me, that he’s going to wait and see who we hire, visit with the new coach, and decide if he still wants to play here - or not.

Probably the approach I’d take if I were a recruit at the Power 5 level (assuming it wasn’t Arkansas, for me. For the out of state kids, they didn’t grow up wanting to be Hogs . . . so it’s different for them).

I like the way he said it, however. Clearly, he likes what the U of A has to offer. I’d bet he’d stay with us if Gus or Norvell gets the job. But we’ll see.

Kid is big-time. Hopefully new guy can get him locked down

He is one of the ones I figured would be looking at their options along with Hanspard, Mincey and Gooden.

I think that is a somewhat optimistic (for Ark) and very reasonable response from him…and hasn’t Gooden always been looking…

Spot on.