TAMU v. Viles

Currently in a weather delay (of course, it’s Hoover), but in the top of the 9th the Aggies lead the Files 3-0.

I don’t understand this. The favorite to win the CWS is on the cusp of being eliminated after one game in the SECT. I guess Tony V feels it’s better to have his team fully rested by next weekend rather than to get a couple of games in. That must be it. No way the favorite to win it all is going down in the first game unless they’re slacking off. That can’t be happening. Will this be the last game Tennessee loses all season?

(note: I hope the sarcasm is dripping so hard that everyone is seeing it.)

Oh, by the way: we can’t let the Rebs get hot.


The rebels will have to wait until next season to get hot!


Yeah. That was kinda the point


Sitting at home will give those Confederates in their right field bleachers time to stock up on Bud Lite before next season starts.

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Yes and it’s fitting! Maybe the hogs can avoid an SEC matchup in the postseason past this week.

Too bad Tony’s Twits won’t be sitting at home next weekend like the Rebnecks and Humpers will.


A&M beatTennessee 3-0
So the hogs will play A&M.

Thank you Aggies.


For real. I’m glad it’s the Aggies.

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Todd Walker flaunting his corndog education…

What Education! Walker is a moron.