Tam OL is a model to shoot for

Texas am OL are exactly what we need to become, I knew they were the best we had seen even though a couple on here thought Ga was and clearly they were wrong, TAm is all SR except 1 and Ave 6’6 317 which is perfect bc they can really move and have worked together for 2-3 yrs( why they are better than Ga who lost 3 to the NFL) and are in perfect sync when they move and give you no creases to get through to get TFL,so hopefully in a yr or 2 we will see that kind of OL here.


They were the difference in the game. It is what I feared going into the game. When you have a real Oline like that, it becomes pretty easy to play offense. I would love to see any of our QBs to be able to just sit back there and wait, and wait, and wait until someone comes open. Mond does not have to worry about throwing the ball away. He is not going to be touched.

They talked about their great running back, and he is good, but often he had a whole side of the field opened up for him with no white shirts around. How many yards could Rakeen make behind a real Oline like that?


We actually did a pretty good job running the ball and against their running game, Spiller rushed for 82 and averaged 3.9 ypc; Boyd and Franks both were above 5 ypc. But we couldn’t get pressure on Mond, and they had a great run/pass balance.


Man to man they are tough. I really think we will be there but it ain’t easy. And Mond was on fire all night not a single bad decision.

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I agree with you mostly. I do think our oline is getting better played pretty well IMO. I do think #73 needs to be replaced but have no access to the coaches tape. I assume Pitt and Davis wouldn’t be playing him if he wasn’t capable.

Mond was making NFL throws. Tight windows and on a rope. Our guys had no chance to pick on him. Still proud of this team!

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There was experience all over the AM team (16 starters returned…8/8) and then add Mond’s four years of starting and we are establishing a new offense and defense… you lose. That said, we out-gained them rushing and passing with considerably less recruited talent. Tells you something about where we’ll be in a year or two with this staff.

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We were not out coached. Just out manned.

Best game plan for the offense. After losing Catalon, secondary was out of sync. Linebackers had to stop Spiller and lost the tight end. Safeties did not find him much either.


Out manned in both lines. Time and a real strength coach will fix that

Remember,…Phil Steele had them picked #1 on talent and experience…

I thought the same thing - Its the first time Arkansas played this year that it was clear Arkansas was simply outmanned (Even Against UGA our Players matched up until the second half when they simply ran out of gas)

And for fact I think Arkansa was only out matched in the trenches not anywhere else in the starting line up

I strongly affirm Arkansas Was Not Out coached vs TAMU - the horses simply were not there in the trenches - still Our coaches put our Razorbacks in the best place to win

Officializing did not change the game either - it was as incompetent fort he Aggies as it was for the Razorbacks

Now this game I think Arkansas has a very viable change of laying the wood to UT again like the Razorbacks did to Utenn the last two(or is it three?) visits to the Ozarks

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