Tam/Fl softball

In the 7th. Tam up on Fl!!
On the verge of having the Championship all to ourselves?
Oops, spoke too soon. Fl just walked off a win. UGH!

Fla just hit a walk off 3 run HR!!!

Dad-gum it!!

Yeah that blows… I was watching that and the Aggie pitcher wasn’t big enough for the moment. She had lost her groove. walked the 1st 2 before she got an out then elevated one for the walkoff HR.

Still we got 2 more shots this weekend for the Aggies to get it together and get a win. Florida has only had 2 conference sweeps all season so I hope they don’t get a 3rd. THen it will be Ladybacks for the solo championship.

So you say there’s a chance?

If Fl wins out, I heard that they will be the #1 seed in the SECT???

If Florida wins out then it will be a tie for the regular season title between Arkansas and Florida. But Florida has the tie-breaker as far as seeding for the tourney due to series vs Bama I think.

But if TA&M can get 1 game from Florida this weekend, then Arkansas is the outright champion and the #1 seed. Otherwise its a shared championship and the #2 seed.

I understand. Well, let’s just hope that Tam can scratch out a win. That will take care of that!

That’s twice in the last week Florida has hit a 3-run HR in the final inning to avoid a loss. It also happened at Missouri last week. Had Mizzou won that game, Arkansas would have clinched a share of the conference without playing a game last Sunday.

Florida won their series with Bama. Hogs didn’t. That’s the tiebreaker.

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