Talladega Knights 91, Team Arkansas 74 (story)...

of today’s TBT game

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Not surprised. When I heard that they only had 7 players available for the games yesterday and today, I figured they were toast. Just too many minutes in back-to-back days, and some of these guys are not in “prime” condition.

They may have lost even if they had 2 or 3 more players, but it certainly wasn’t a shock to see them start to wilt late in the first half and then never really challenge in the second half.

It was fun to see some of those players on the court together. Just wish they had more depth. Maybe next season?

Also - Barford was a beast in the first game For Jackson (TN) yesterday. He’s sure have looked good of the Arkansas team.

The Knights just had 8 players and were playing their third game in as many days.

They were just better.

Did not realize that; I took a quick look in 2 or 3 times while primarily watching the last round of the British Open.

Still, if Team Arkansas had 2 or 3 more players, the "shoe may have been on the other foot’ and they might have worn Talladega down by rotating more fresh players in. Who knows?

Still, an interesting concept during the dog days of sports wasteland (for those of us who don’t care for MLB).

As Dudley said Talladega had only 8 guys and it was their third game in 3 days. So fatigue should not be an issue here. At least it appeared that way watching the game, other than Ronnie Brewer looked badly out of shape.

Yea, I don’t think he was expecting to play as big of a role as he had to because they were short handed. Also, Alandise is still Alandise, looks great at times others time you’re like what in the world is he doing, just wild and out of control.

This team lacked that true “star” to put them on their back when they needed that. Courtney Fortson pulling out earlier in the year really hurt them, I felt like with him they would have had a good chance to win this whole thing. I also think Rotnei Clarke would have helped a lot as well and took some of the shooting pressure off of Dusty, The knights did their homework on Dusty and didn’t give him any easy shots and really pressured him when he had the ball in his hands. I thought Qualls was our best player and was consistent both games.

The good news is that, on their twitter page they’ve already said they are going to do it again next year and have a meeting to add an impact player to next year’s roster. Really hope that’s Fortson committing to do it again and sticking with it this time. I think he’s the best available former Hog that’s eligible to compete in it.