Talked with Kamani Johnson this week

I did a Zoom interview with Kamani Johnson on Thursday and plan to have a story on his development in his short time at Arkansas either this weekend or Monday. Here is a clip from our conversation:


Nice teaser Scottie. Kamani’s got an infectious personality. Looks like he would be a great interview. He’s got a great smile like Devo. I like him already. It sure sounds like he’s been working his butt off. Maybe most importantly, it seems like he’s really happy to be here with an opportunity to play with the Razorbacks.

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Good interview, thoughtful answers and lots of personality. A lot of guys say stuff, but I do not believe he oversold himself, I think he will deliver what he says he brings to the team.

What is his size now? Is he a quick leaper for rebounds or blocks? What is his vertical?

He’s 6-7, 234. He hasn’t been much of a shot blocker to this point in his career, but he can block and alter shots. I don’t know what his vertical is. I didn’t ask.

Sounds like a Great kid, looking forward to watching him play!

He has average vertical. He is not overly athletic when it comes to leaping. I have seen him block some shots, but blocks were rare.

I am hoping he works on his three pointer while he is sitting out. I don’t remember him shooting any at UALR,

He is 0 for 2 in his career beyond the arc

He said he’s been working on his outside shooting while sitting out. Great interview!

I hope people don’t diminish what Kamani could potentially do for our program. He didn’t sign with us with much fanfare, but he can really play. His brother, Dakari, was a McDonald’s All American who played for Kentucky. Sometimes the little brother ends up having the better career. Just look at Mason Jones. His brother, Matt, was a McDonald’s All American who played for Duke. Mason (who I’m still not thrilled with after endorsing Mike Woods’ transfer to OU) is in the NBA, while Matt is not. My point is, Muss knows what he is doing when he brings these transfers in. Yeah, he missed with Cylla and Jackson, but not by much. Everyone wanted those transfers, but they didn’t want it as much as Muss did for them. Bottom line, I think Kamani is gonna be a really nice piece for us, and I love his attitude. Go Hogs!


Thanks, Scottie and all. He has enough size to hold his own on the boards. He has been through enough practices here to have a handle on what we need from him. He has a positive, engaging personality. Good chemistry is important.

Knowing one’s limitations is a good thing. Wish Darnell Robinson and Jalen Harris had shown more restraint from three, for example.


Darnell shot just one three per game he played at Arkansas. And he was a career 32% shooter. I think that was pretty good restraint as well decent shooting to keep the defense honest.

I’ll admit didn’t consult the stats before including his name. But my recollection is that if Darnell made an early 3, he was sure to jack up 4 or 5 over the remainder of the game, and at least 2 of them would be air balls.

W/regard to Jalen, I’m on very firm ground.

But they were just examples, anyhow. The main point it, play to your strengths, not your weaknesses. Someone that knows that greatly increases their value to the team.

You were spot on there with Jalen.

With Darnell, in those days, bigs did not shoot threes and act of a center shooting a three was foreign to a lot of us. Ithink that had a lot to do with what we all thought at that time.

Looking forward to seeing him play, thought he was 6’9 but 6’7 234 is very solid, should be able to rebound and get some garbage baskets around the rim if nothing else

As Larry Johnson told Nolan, you need to get some men. I think that Kamani qualifies.

“But my recollection is that if Darnell made an early 3, he was sure to jack up 4 or 5 over the remainder of the game, and at least 2 of them would be air balls.”

I think your memory is playing tricks on you.

Don’t think so. I’ve already admitted I may have exaggerated just a bit. If the stats that PJ posted are correct (haven’t looked them up, but don’t doubt that he did before he posted), then Darnell was an average 3 point shooter - not any better, nor any worse.

But it’s been a running joke among my Hog buddies about a poor 3 point shooter taking an early 3 and making it. One of us will usually comment about that being a “bad” thing because he’s likely to be emboldened to shoot more than he should…“like Darnell”. That didn’t come from thing air…we all watched him play and felt that he shot more from out there than he should have. And he did have some ugly misses.

So - agree to disagree…

I was always under the impression that Darnell left because Nolan didn’t want him playing on the perimeter. He wanted Darnell posting up.