Talked to two people I really respect

and who I believe have very good football knowledge tell me the D-line is much, much more physical. The physical maturity of the D-linemen in the program the last few years along with the additions of Utsey and Ridgeway have these two very excited.

We’ll see.


I hope so. It’d be so nice for the Hogs to surprise some people this year & have something like a 7 or 8 win season. That kind of improvement would give a lot of confidence to fans & recruits that CSP is putting together a winner.


I’d do handsprings over a 7 or 8 win season. That’d be so great.


What have they said about the O-line? Truthfully, it’s hard to tell until they’re in full pads and full go on both lines. I’m hoping to get to watch the scrimmage on Saturday, I’ve put out my request to a friend who’ll be there, lol.

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One said the D-line is getting the best of the O-line during 1-on-1s. If I mentioned the two people, I believe you would understand why I posted.

Told Ridgeway maintains his ground and is very tough to move.


Ok, hopefully it means the D-line is much improved, and not that the OL is regressing. What little I saw of Ridgeway in some video showed him too upright, but 3 minute clips don’t always tell the tale.

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As Olivia Newton John used to say, “Let’s get Physical!”


My only concern with this is Utsey is mentioned, and he wasn’t very good at mizzou. Big John is more of an unknown, but Utsey to me, isn’t going to magically be a lot better than he has been for years.
If Utsey is dominating our OL it makes me more worried about the OL than excited about him.

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I sure hope so because I think the defense may have to carry us until the offense gets going.
I’m afraid it may be because the OL is not very physical. Stromberg is the best blocker we have and he’s not in there. Cunningham and Limmer are both pretty physical. Henderson is 290 lb so how physical can he be. Latham and Clenin are both not overly physical. Time will tell as always.
I do love the depth of our d line now ,we do have quite a few people we can plug in which should make us much better in the fourth quarter

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I will be very surprised if our O line is not improved from last year. They were better last year compared to the year before and I believe CSP will continue to make improvements in that area for years to come. So, it is good to hear that the defensive line is coming on also. Should make for a better year. Getting tougher in the trenches!!!

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I know some will say wait until pads and I get that but you can get a pretty good indication where you are even while doing 1-on-1s in just shorts or shorts and shoulder pads.

Numerous linemen over the years have been offered during Arkansas camps in just shorts. Travis Swanson was one.

The recruiting services use a lot of camps where linemen are in only shorts to evaluate prospects.

You don’t have to have full pads on to see one get a push and overpower an O-lineman or use power, quickness and speed in shedding a blocker.


Pretty sure Clary graded out best from PFF last season on running plays, now will he at center?

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I get what you are saying. I do think defensive linemen have the advantage when there are no full pads. Offensive linemen really get a benefit when they can grab shoulder pads. That’s the key to blocking. That’s why the DL often look better early in camp. Once pads come on, things change. O-linemen just don’t get any advantage playing in shorts and no pads. I’ve heard that one thousand times, that having pads on are the real way to evaluate.

You see speed and agility when you practice one-on-one without pads. But the physical nature of what an O-linemen can do with their upper body begins to show up with pads.

I think Richard is correct. There is more defensive line talent on this team, more experience and more depth. It’s important to note that the young bunch that has been recruited the last three years has now had the proper work in the weight room and is improved. There was always some ability in that group, but now you have the growing up process.


Agreed The eye test and the knowledge test as far as knowing where to be in the scheme should be light years ahead of last year

But pads - pads will show us where they really are - that and injuries

Injuries could quickly limit this golden opportunity with super seniors

Covid Super seniors looks to have a bear rearm advantage fir Arkansas- long term - we will see

Yeah forget about Clary, but he’s no Stromberg. I hope we can be very physical up front but I’ll have to see it to believe it.

I think we can be better on the OL but it’s because we’ve played together and we can play faster and know what the defense is doing better.

Yes having pads on makes a big difference to the OL because as you say there is something they can actually get their hands on. With no pads on it’s very slippery and they just have no anchor for their hands

I like what I’ve seen of Crawford so far he is very physical and he is very big, I’m not sure he has the feet play tackle but as we’ve mentioned before you put him a guard and he’s going to knock some people off the ball. St John is huge but still not very quick, I really like what I’ve seen of Wells the freshman I can see him being a player for us. Henderson just has to get bigger no two ways about it. But I see potential in this group hopefully this year.

He adds depth and is a guy with SEC experience. Is he an All SEC guy? No, but someone you know can play in the league.


They’ve been in shoulder pads.

Right I don’t disagree. He’s a depth guy, if he starts I think that points to our DL not being as good as we hope, because he’s a known thing and hasn’t ever done all that much.
I’m just saying, if he’s dominating our OL , we are in trouble when our OL goes against DL from Alabama or other SEC schools with year after year studs.
I think our OL should be handling Utsey with out too much trouble.