Talked to Jalen Battles' dad about his son's return to Arkansas (story)

Man, we’ve got a lot of good infielders on board!

Man. I don’t know how all these guys are going to get on the field. I’d say Nesbit and Gregory may get left out?

I don’t see how Slavens, Moore, Battles, Varnado, Stovall and Bishop aren’t in the line up.

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Bishop before Wallace and Wilkerson?

I came up with a lineup the other day. Amending it now:

C Leach
1B Slavens
2B Moore
SS Battles
3B Stovall
RF Bohrofen
CF Bishop
LF Wallace
DH Varnado unless Welch doesn’t sign.
You could also flip Stovall and Varnado, or put one of them in the outfield and DH Bohrofen, if Charlie is gone. Less likely is Welch beating out Leach at catcher. Wilkerson, I have no idea.

One thing for sure, we have some depth if people get hurt.

Didn’t say in place of them.

Cayden is a given.and Wllkerson is a stud.

Loaded team

I agree with all of this. I was meaning some of last years team. But I like swines lineup.

WHO will be our main pitchers?

I’m concerned on how he will handle SEC pitching. He was, at one point, a 1st round draft grade and kept falling because of his long loopy swing. Also, turned some scouts off with an attitude. I wouldn’t pencil him in the lineup just yet with our loaded roster.

I think it’s too early to say because the roster is so unsettled. The fall will tell us more.

But you have to believe that Connor Noland, Jaxon Wiggins and Heston Tole will be evaluated as starters.

I don’t see how Wilkerson is not in the lineup,can mash the ball,lot of Great Players,will not be surprised if some transfer just hope Wilkerson is not one of them

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