Talked to Emmit Gooden today...

he still wants and is planning to come to Arkansas.

The new coaches have not talked to him yet, but John Scott has called him to let him know that Coach Morris and his staff will be calling this week.

Emmit says he graduates Tuesday and is set to be an early enrollee.

He also noted that he is talking with a couple of other schools just as a last resort deal, but wants to come to Arkansas and play alongside McTelvin Agim.

That’s great news!

Really good news. DD, wonder why CM hasn’t reached out to Gooden yet? Maybe bc he’s waiting on his DC to look at his tape & give the ok? We need legit players like this on D, even though I’m sure we’re going to sign Plenty of top players for our new offense.

Emmit thought it might be the DC.

The fact that he sent word through Coach Scott is something Emmit liked.

Is it a good sign that Coach Scott is still on campus? Is he likely to be retained

Wow, I had kind of written this guy off. Figured he was OU bound. Getting him in time for off season S&C and Spring ball would be huge.

Have not heard anything official on him