Talk about swinging for the fences for a coach!!

WOW! ESPiN just reported UCLA offered John Calamari a deal for 6 years and 48 million. That’s 8 mil a year!!

It was also just announced Cal just signed a contract extension at Kentucky.

Looks like the going rate is not the 4.5 or 5 mil we talk about… UCLA just upped the ante to 8M.

Holy Schiff!! Thats a bunch of money!!

think it was a matter of UCLA wanting to be relevant again and figured if they could sign coach slime…the "business decisions"would flow their way…Kentucky according to ESPN were offering a "lifetime"deal for him to stay

UCLA’s offer wasn’t more than Cal is making now at Kentucky. Cal is making $9.2M there so I don’t know why UCLA thought he would take a $1.2M paycut.