Talk about "High on the Hog"!

Wild boars are scary enough. A Wild boar on cocaine?


Those guys are bad news for everyone. Didn’t know how destructive they were until a few years ago.

I know there were lots of hogs wrecking havoc on Ft Chaffee grounds few years ago. Near residential areas as well. Was open season on them for a while.


Hawaii is famous for its wild boars. They love the deep ravines with creeks and streams. A few stories to share:

  • The Navy’s Oahu base NCTAMS PAC occasionally allows bow and arrow hunters into the deep ravines to help clear out the wild boars which can grow into beasts. A neighbor of mine shared stories of his experiences. Hair raising scary. Resembled operating behind enemy lines in the Vietnam rain forests. The hunters are decked out in full combat gear including Bowie knives. He stated those boars were smart, fast, BIG and brave. The hunters always hunt in a pack. About half a platoon. More for self defense than anything else.
  • Was golfing with some locals on the Ko’olau GC. Some piglets sprinted up on our tee box. I went towards them to pet them and the pair of local golfers stepped away off the tee box and said it was best for me to immediately join them which I did. I was totally mystified on why. A couple of minutes later as the piglets were sniffing our tee box and carts, the mammoth mother sow arrived looking after her roaming piglets. She made it known to us that the course belonged to her and to stay away from her piglets. Glad I listened to the locals. Local knowledge is priceless.
  • Had finished my round at the Royal Hawaiian GC. The 18th fairway is a narrow downhill (150 foot drop) dog leg left with a tight and small 18th elevated (five feet from the ground) green. It resembles an island green except surrounded by jungle vice water. The course is very popular with the high end Japanese tourists. I foolishly decided to jump into the jungle and search for ProV1s which were plentiful. With hands and pockets full of new PROV1s, I heard the bushes shaking and some loud snorting sounds. It was the fastest I have ever run, dodging trees, shrubs and boulders literally running for my life. To this day I don’t know how I scaled that five foot brick wall from the jungle floor to the 18th green. Lost the PROV1s which were in my hands. A fair trade. PROV1s for my life. Now I know how much my life is worth. About a dozen PROV1s! I thought I was going to get killed by a Razorback in a Hawaiian jungle! Oh the irony!


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Cool guy. One small point from an Arkansas farm boy. There are no Momma Boars.


That would be a Sow.

I know I’ve asked, but which island do you live?

Indeed Jim! Lol
Sounds like I need to bring my dad and his buddies from Crossett over to the islands…they’ve got this huge hog catcher contraption we use on our land in Arkansas. Plus he has a grinder for homemade sausage!

I have played the Royal Hawaiian Course. Loved it! Lost more than my share of balls in the dense jungle rough.

Aloha Richard,

The island of Oahu. “The Gathering Place”.



Glad to hear to were able to play the Royal Hawaiian GC. It and the USMC Kaneohe Clipper GCs are my two favorite Oahu courses.

The Royal Hawaiian was initially to be a pair of 18-hole courses. One a links course the other a jungle course. Due to lack of finances the two courses merged into one. The front nine plays like a links course and the back nine a jungle course. A very challenging and highly enjoyable course.

The Marines dramatically upgraded the Kaneohe Clipper about 10 years ago. Looks like a high end resort course. Three holes literally play parallel on the beach east to west. If you play right handed any slice will end on the beach or the ocean! The views are majestic. Two holes have tee boxes on the beach playing away from the ocean. All of the fairway layouts are different. No two similar holes. I haven’t seen any sows or boars on the Marine course!

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