Talk about a whirlwind

Nine weeks ago, Scottie Scheffler had never won on the PGA Tour. Then he won at Phoenix, and Orlando, and Austin, then won the Masters yesterday. In those nine weeks, he’s gone from just another kid who played golf for Texass, to the #1 player in the world and a major champion. And, oh yeah, he’s won $10 million in those nine weeks.

In spite of being a Longhorn, he seems to be a decent guy. Can’t quite root for a Longhorn, but I don’t actively dislike him like, say, Phony Phil Mickelson, who richly deserves his current exile.

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It was not hard to be impressed with Scheffler yesterday. He looked so calm and collected until 18. At that point you could see the impact of what he was doing.

BTW, I agree with your assessment of Mickelson.

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Speaking of his 18th hole, even us amateurs know that feeling of needing a 2 foot putt on the 18th to win your flight. What looks perfectly level on tv usually has a little break to it. Do you putt it firm and have a direct line to the cup or baby it in with your line being the left edge of the cup? So you decide to hit it firm and go for the middle only to see your putt lip out and end up a three footer on more of a breaking line. Golf!

Mickelson has not only gone dark from the PGA tour, but all his golfing buddies cannot get a response from him. Scheffler sure is doing Tiger like things… it will be interesting to witness how long the streak lasts.

SwineFusion, a few of us Longhorns are decent guys. :o)

I had been told by Taylor Moore that Scottie Scheffler was the real deal. He is.

When picked for the Ryder Cup team and pitted against world No. 1 John Rahm in the opening singles match and he birdied (I think) the first five holes, I could tell he was ready to break out and he did.

I saw the string of players and players’ wives lined up to great him behind No. 1. That told me a lot. He hugged all of them. Cool moment. He’s well liked.

He may win a bunch more in the next 12 months. He is making most every putt. He hits it really long. That’s the winning combination these days.


I thought it showed a lot about who he is when Schwartzel holed out from the fairway on 10 on Saturday. Scheffler was at least 30 yards down the fairway when the ball dropped in the hole, but Charl only had to take about 3 steps to meet Scottie’s High Five. Turning around and walking back that far to congratulate your nearest competitor shows a lot about a man’s character. Of course, it was also an acknowledgement of the man Schwartzel is as well. They looked like two friends just enjoying a round together on Saturday afternoon!

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Civility and humility shine brightly.

Regarding Phil…years ago when Tiger was taking it on the chin publicly (and I am not saying that he did not deserve it), I had a couple of tour players I chatted with in Charleston tell me even then that Tiger was popular with alot of pros in the locker room. For all his faults, they said Tiger “is who he is.” Phil, on the other hand, they said was two people–the one the public sees, and the one the public does not. They were not fans.

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Which is precisely why I call him Phony Phil.

Yup. I know how he treated my cousin back when she worked as a volunteer. Let’s just say that he was an entitled jerk.

Getting back to Scheffler, his is an interesting story. He was born in New Jersey, and the Schefflers moved to Dallas when he was 5 so his mom could become chief operating officer of a big law firm. Which undoubtedly pays pretty well (he went to Highland Park High, which is not a low-income district), but not well enough that the family didn’t have to borrow the entry fee to join Royal Oaks Country Club where he worked with golf teacher Randy Smith. And when they moved, Scottie’s dad became a stay-at-home dad while Mom earned the paychecks.

Different magazines and publications have done the “anonymous poll” among Tour pros on multiple occasions. Among the players the answer to “The Most disliked tour Player” is always Phil.

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If you watched Tin Cup, you know which character was Phil. It’s pretty obvious, or was to me.

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Arrogance ain’t pretty, and rudeness only amplifies it.

Phil disrespected the PGA tour and the Commissioner, Jay Monahan, which was a huge mistake. Phil made a massive fortune playing on tour with his prize money and endorsement deals. He was making around $50 million per year until he got involved with the Saudi tour deal and made those comments which were not pleasant for the Saudis or the PGA tour. He is in his 50’s with his best golf gone forever and still making those millions. He did not have a gripe coming. I don’t know who was advising him, but he made a huge mistake.

It’s interesting when you say “who was advising him,” because his manager is Steve Loy, former golf coach at Arkansas. Steve was viewed for a short time as Frank’s successor. That talk didn’t last long because he left to become golf coach at Arizona State and quickly signed Phil Mickelson. Then, he went with Phil as manager on the Tour. I’ve spoken to Steve many times through the years, including at the gala to honor Frank about 3-5 years ago. He came back. Steve was the one who really got the golf team rolling again at Arkansas. Bill Woodley followed him and also did well.

That is why we will miss you so much ( your ties to so many things not just Hawgs) but looking forward to new stories on Elk, Moose, fly fishing in short pants or whatever you decide to share.


Are you going 'Cold turkey" on the site or will you still peruse and post on the forums from time to time? I

I mentioned in some earlier comments that I’d come to see you guys because you are family. I am not covering games. I may miss some games. I’ll be gone, traveling, etc. I am not on the beat. It will be hard for me to contribute in the same way, but I’ll come to visit.

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