Talk about a mass exodus

Stanford has 12 people in the transfer portal now, and they didn’t go 2-10 (4-8 if you’re wondering).

Nine of them are grad transfers, including a former four-star OT. Hmm…

Stanford’s portal

Hmmm…is right

Lot of speculation that Shaw maybe in the League next year.

I personally this the portal thing is already out of control. But I fear it will only get worse. Amateur Collegiate Sports will soon be a thing of the past for the major sports.

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So what? To be perfectly honest, it started dying 70 years ago when they started athletic scholarships.

They have a great looking D-tackle from Dallas also in there

Maybe, but my biggest fear is the academic world will be a joke if standards keep getting relaxed. A college degree used to really mean something and required true effort to obtain.
I remember reading a few years ago a remark one Professor at Stanford admitted to when he said he had personally never given a student a grade lower than a B. But the money part of collegiate sports is getting out of hand I think. Hope I am dead wrong.

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You arent

I think a college degree lost a lot of value a long time ago. It’s really, really easy to go to college and not pay much money at all anymore. It takes a small amount of effort to get scholarships.

I know for my generation, we were basically told that you won’t be successful unless you go to college and harped that on us my entire grade school time. That is just completely un-true. I think schools should stop making it seem like a college degree is the only way to be successful. My best friend went to trade school and in 2 and a half years out of high school, he was making 80 thousand dollars a year.

That’s a whole lot more than the national average of a Bachelors degree right out of college.

You see way too many people at college just “because” now. Not because they have direction, goals, or want to be there. Because it’s the norm. It’s fun, and it was easy to get scholarships. Universities aren’t in the education business, they are in the money making business. That’s just my opinion, though.

I agree. I know several UPS mechanics who are making 53 dollars an hour, a little over 100.000 a year. With ovetime more. Again I hope I am wrong on the vision I see of things.

True, but it’s also difficult to get a degree and not end up owing hundreds of thousands of dollars, particularly if you attend one of the very expensive private schools like Stanford. I’ve seen estimates that degrees from some expensive schools have a negative net worth – you spend more to get them then you will earn extra as a result of having them.

Yeah, I think that’ll always be true with those type of schools.

I’m more talking about state schools.

Why is it bad? It’s different but so what. Programs like us will benefit from the transfer portal.

Oh yeah. But even out of state tuition at state schools can whack you pretty good. UCLA charges $42,000 tuition and fees per year for out of state. UVa is even worse, $50,000

I don’t see how this affects academics. There are 20k students at the UA that aren’t athletes. And for the few that are athletes, how does transferring hurt that. Most all transfers this year were grad transfers. I’m not following you.

More like 27K.

Athletes have been skating by academically for a long time; the dumb jock became a stereotype because it was so often true. I had classes with some athletes at UA. Well, let’s say they were enrolled in the same classes I was; they usually weren’t in class.

Coaches are doing a better job of making sure kids go to class, and instructors are less willing to give athletes a grade they didn’t earn, but it’s the rare athlete who gets the same educational experience as his non-jock peers (not just because of the useless “interdisciplinary studies” majors; that one is an LSU specialty).

Yeah and that just adds to my part of people at college for the wrong reasons. They are there just “Because”.

If you don’t have a full ride to go to an out of state school, you shouldn’t ever go to one, unless someone is paying for it, then that’s on them. It’s irresponsible in my opinion to take out unnecessary loans to go get the same degree. I know a lot of people who went to this school, or that school, as a status symbol, honestly. I just never understood that. It’s great if you can go to some of those schools, but not great if you’re paying a ridiculous amount to go there.

I have a BioChem degree, and it wouldn’t have mattered where I got that degree for dental school, because we all take the same entrance exam, and while someone at UCLA may have that shiny degree in their app, if their scores are lower, it didn’t really help them all that much.

Not all out of state students pay out of state tuition. A lot of neighboring states have agreements to offer instate tuition to students studying certain majors, normally ones that are not offered in the students home state. I cannot remember the name of the agreement though.

I don’t necessarily disagree Swine; but the same was largely true when I was in school 50 years ago.

Yeah, they do, that’s a different situation. I’m saying it’s not a good idea if you don’t have it paid for, or a deal like that.

I’m at an out of state dental school because of an agreement that let’s me pay instate tuition, or else I’d never be here because it would be double the price

I was in school 40 years ago. Same difference. Couple of highly prominent Eddie Sutton players never made it to class. Granted it was a speech class but still…