Talk about 2 cheap runs

That was disgusting. Even if it was the right call, it’s disgusting. Looks to me if it hit the batter the ball is dead whether he swung or not. Hell of a way to let this bunch back into the game.

I told my son before the last inning we needed to score 10. If we stay at 7 we will lose. Just that feeling. This will be a high scoring game.

Campbell is starting to show some cracks…hopefully this really bizarre inning will not mess with his head.

Our pitchers start having issues around 75 pitches. He’s at 72 now

Cheaper than gas in 1969!

Yes. That’s the kind of thing that rattles him. However, he got out of it without allowing another run, so maybe he it didn’t bother him as much as it might have. I’d like to get another good inning from him. And I’d also like another 3-4 runs.

That was pathetic they just gave them 2 run they dang sure better not come back to haunt us