Talent level not even close. Why?

I know I’m risking being banned for not being positive but program and Admin can’t keep doing same thing and expecting different results.

It is not fair being Arkansas playing in the best league.

But we chose it.

What is the plan to overcome obvious recruiting disadvantages?

This is not coaching.

It is DNA deficiency in program/Admin.

Solve for X, and we may have a shot.

Ignore and we get what we deserve.

Why is it that every time we lose you post about how we have no talent? This is the same team we beat last year.

It’s also the same team that looked completely lost the first 3 weeks of the year.

Sometimes you just get whipped.

The “we have no talent” posts after every loss get old.

Funny. I did not see your rant last week.

You are right.

But I’m not satisfied with mediocrity over these past couple decades.

We all want to win.

Our deficiency is obviously top SEC talent.

And expectations that are sub par.

Solve for that and program wins.

Doing the same thing and expecting different results has not worked for two decades.

Can’t we at least admit that bigs have more talent?

How do you plan to solve for it?

Or is it easy to just ignore the problem and offer no solutions?

We’ve never had top half of the SEC type talent. When we win it’s because we’ve had a coaching (like when we play LSU OR Ole Miss) and experience advantage (like last year). When we play SEC teams that are well coached and experienced, our talent differential becomes glaringly obvious. We also have very little margin for error or injury. I have said for years (and been told I’m full of crap) that, unless we cheat, we will never be consistently among the top teams in the conference.

Where is there anybody doing these two things - accepting mediocrity and saying Arkansas has the talent of the bigs?

Every single HI contributor predicted we win this game…

Hey but at least we have sooooo many players on our roster that were offered by Alabama. So that’s something

I wondered when it would blamed on the sportswriters…

Like clockwork

Usually happens every year on signing day when we hear how it does not matter that we finished in the bottom 3 of the SEC. We whiled needs, found diamonds in the rough, develop players better than anybody else and identify players better than anybody else. Like clockwork

Sports writers are better at Arkansas than many places.

Who is blaming sports writers?

Anyone blaming sports writers is the problem and doesn’t understand the solution.

It was not you bush hog…check out the thread.

A poster said all of the sportswriters picked Arkansas. Which has nothing to do with the drubbing we took.

Who’s satisfied? No one. But we will never consistently recruit with LSU, AU, etc-- teams we routinely beat.

If you’re pinning your hopes on hiring recruiting rainmakers (ie cheaters) you’re gonna be disappointed.

And, yet, we somehow win our fair share against those supposedly vastly superior talented teams.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m as frustrated as I have ever been with CBB. But, I also don’t expect us to do something we have pretty much never done.

Ouch, several problems today but the constant arrogance is stupid

Actually, that isn’t true at all. It makes for a good smart aleck post, but there’s no one saying that we have he same talent as the bigs.

What many (like me) say is that we have better talent than we are credited with and the idea that we can’t compete with many of them is disproved every year.

I hear every year that we have a huge talent gap between us and LSU, OM and AU.

And, tonight notwithstanding, we do. We play LSU as well as anyone other than Bama and beat them, routinely. We’ve beaten OM 3 years in a row. We’ve played AU to a draw throughout the series history.

But, we lose a game (and this is the worst in the CBB era) and then here come the same handful of you with the same, old gripes.

We can’t hang. We’re overmatched. Never mind that we actually aren’t on the field, consistently, except when we play Bama.

Again, I’ll add the disclaimer that this is the most disappointed I’ve ever been with CBB or a CBB team.

That said, keeping it real goes both ways. Calling this loss embarrassing and disgusting is absolutely fair.

If you’re really being objective, though, you should also give them credit that you never really seem willing to give even when they earn it.

Excellent post.

and they will come

we have always known this.

it is not new.

got to catch lightening in a bottle to win though.
or cheat

we were close once.


Bottom 3? Hyperbole much? We’ve finished in the bottom 3 once as far back as I can remember. I am not a stargazer, and generally don’t put much faith in the team recruiting rankings. For every team who’s success matches their recruiting rankings, you can find two that do not. But if you are going to quote numbers, at least quote them correctly.