Tale of the Turnover Tape

Besides poor free throw shooting, our ball handling was one of the toughest things for me to watch this season. The level of talent that we have in the backcourt makes this even more appalling, as the league average was about 152 turnovers per 3-guard combo. NSJ would project to about 52 TO’s had he played the same minutes as Devo.

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Thanks for sharing . Lot’s information in those numbers

The level of talent … I’m not really sure what level of talent we actually have…

“Three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Those numbers are cherry-picked. I’m not contending that that’s unimportant, but 225 turnovers in 31 games from our main ballhandlers is not a ridiculous number. Certainly Florida has not converted their protecting the ball into wins either, especially after Castleton went out. Also, Florida has 337 total turnovers to 395 for us; the difference is fewer than two turnovers per game. A turnover is a turnover whether it’s your point guard throwing it away or a forward committing a charge.

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There is a simple reason. It falls back to lack of shooting. This team is going to dribble into the teeth of the defense. Over and over and over. The defense will allow 15 to 22 footers. But they don’t take them. They can’t make them. So they over handle the ball against a compacted defense. The result is contested, tough shots around the rim or turnovers.

Lou gave us great info. Love this sort of post.

Thanks, Lou


Setting aside Devo, the four main outside-in guys have done this:

In the three game losing streak assist/turnover are Black 12/5. Smith 9/5, Council 2/6 and Walsh 4/3. Smith’s could be a little better but his volume shooting means he’s not giving the ball up as much. Council’s numbers are lousy.

FGs for those guys during the losing streak:
Black 11-26, Smith 22-60, Council 14-39 and Walsh 6/23. Yikes.

3 PT: Black 2-6, Smith 6-17, Council 2-7, Walsh 1-8. Not very good at all , but back the 3PT attempts out and you get:

Black:9-20, Smith 14-43, Council 12-32 and Walsh 5-15. Double Yikes. Back the dunks out of those numbers (and there would be quite a few) and take into account Council is the only guy who shoots a lot of longer twos and you get a really high number of missed layups and shots near the basket.

FT: Black 10-18, Smith 11-15, Council 23-32, Walsh 2-5. Smith and Council are okay but not great. Black and Walsh have been really bad, and often in really important spots during the game.

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Hardly. Those are the three guards who were on the court for the majority of the time. You missed the entire point of this stat sheet, which was to compare 3-guard combos who played the most.

Compared to a league average of 152? Yeah, ridiculous is an appropriate word.

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Aloha Clay,
Very astute analysis.
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Well done Lou.

Agree with you and good OP!

My overall experience is that if he doesn’t come up with the original thought, he is contentious with an arrogant reply.

Lack of a true college point guard didn’t help these numbers.

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Great work Lou.