Taking the scenic route

The Portland State airplane must have taken the scenic route on its way to Fayetteville yesterday. According to Tom Murphy and/or Bob Holt the flight crossed “the Mississippi River for their first SEC game against Arkansas.” Maybe they just wanted to see the Big Muddy from the air since they missed out on playing Alabama. Turn your map over guys, its upside down. :rofl:

I noticed that too. Holt grew up in Cape Girardeau; he certainly should remember where the Mississippi is. Murphy, well, he went to LaTech.

Then he should know where both Arkansas and the Mississippi River are, just like breathing.

I have corrected the error. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

I’m going to cut the guys some slack here. I have always assumed Portland St is in Oregon. However, I’d never heard of Portland St before they showed up on our schedule. It’s possible they reasonably thought Portland St is in Maine.

Maybe they got directions from John L Smith and thought they were playing Alabama.

SlowBOB lives! :grin:

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But they had just written about all the west coast teams they had played so the east/west coast excuse doesn’t hold up. The only pass I will extend is they are sports writers, so totally immersed in sports they can’t think about anything else, including their location. I hope they have good GPS systems in their cars and excellent personal assistants to get them through the day.

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If you remember Neil Lomax, NFL QB in the 1980s (St. Louis/Phoenix), he was a Portland State Viking. That’s how I learned about the school.