Taking questions for the podcast

Blake and I are planning to record our pod this afternoon after Mike Anderson’s press conference at 2:30. Shoot some questions our way if you’d like!

  1. do you have any thoughts on Sam Vecenie’s tweet about Daniel Gafford?

  2. what justification does Adrio Bailey have to be getting five more minutes a game than Reggie Chaney?

Is this the tweet you’re referring to?

I will just generally say: it is relatively infuriating that Arkansas has maybe one of the 3 best rim-runners in the country in Daniel Gafford, and rarely uses him as a roller.

Thus far this season: 84 finished possessions in post-up vs only 16 finished possessions as a roller.

Also, definitely going to get into the Bailey-Chaney stuff. Thanks for that.

and so easily on defense. Watching LSU"s PG blow by Gafford to the rim, Gafford trying to block it, then LSU has 2 bigs fighting each other for the O rebound and putback. over and over.

We do it so reliably that other coaches can have whatever Razorback they want defending whatever O player they want. out PG posted up by their center or our center 20 feet frmo the rim, whatever they want to do.

Seems to be to be a glaring weakness in defensive philosophy, yet CMA doses this every game for years, he must have his reasons, and I’d love to hear them.

Also, if you’re feeling brave, you can ask about Bobby Portis’ comments (we ran no plays at Arkansas, just iso for me and Qualls-something to that effect)


Yes. Thanks.