Taking questions for basketball podcast

Hey guys, Blake and I will likely record our basketball podcast today following Mike Anderson’s press conference to preview Texas. Leave some questions here and we’ll get to them. First round of questions two weeks ago were great.

Pretty exciting week for me. I got base clearance, so I’ll fly in to El Paso on Thursday and cover the game Friday evening then get back in time for the LSU game on Saturday. PTL for a 6:30 p.m. kickoff.

Texas Game
Hogs down by one
10 seconds to go

Who would you rather take the shot?

  1. Isaiah Joe from 3? (excellent shooter on a lower-percentage shot)
  2. Daniel Gafford from close in? (higher-percentage shot; could get hacked and brick the free throws)
  3. Someone else?

Try to have some fun with this one. :wink:

  1. Have you, or do you know anyone who has, seen Mason Jones dunk a basketball?
  2. Have you, or do you know anyone who has, asked Mason why he doesn’t dunk, and received a response from him?

Just a comment - Dunks or not, I think Mason is going to end up being a terrific Razorback basketball player and fan favorite these next 3 years.

When I watch Mason play, the first ex-Razorback I think of as a comparison is Lenzie Howell. He’s probably a better shooter than Lenzie, but probably won’t be quite the rebounder he was, though Mason was very good on the boards at JC. As a starter, he averaged nearly 10 rebounds a game.

How do you see the frontcourt rotations playing out? So far we have generally seen Daniel and Adrio playing together backed up by Reggie and Gabe, with a bit of mixing. Do you think that will continue to be the case throughout the year or do you see either Reggie or Gabe eventually moving into the starting lineup next to Daniel?