Taking podcast questions

Little bit of late notice, but Bob and I will be recording a podcast tomorrow morning around 11. We’ll try to answer any questions.

How good is OU?

What do you believe our chances are of winning the PK80?

Will AR be playing the 2nd weekend in March (March Madness).

will thomas be able to play this week or still suspended?

Has our 3 point defense really improved enough for us to compete and beat quality teams with excellent 3 point shooters?

What do you think of Whitt and Babb so far? How do you think they would or wouldn’t have affected the Razorbacks? Hypothetical

Will I continue to stay in my lane fashion-wise while in Portland?



Arkansas is #10 in the SEC in free throw % after 3 home games, #218 in the nation. Is this a cause for concern?

Three games ain’t much of a sample size. If we’re still shooting 68% in mid-December, I’d be more concerned. A lot of the problem is that our best foul shooter isn’t getting to the line. Macon has 8 FTA in three games. He averaged about 4.5 FTA last year. If he was averaging 4.5 FTA at his current success rate (8 for 8) so far this year we’d be two % higher just from that. And Gabe needs to work on his foul shooting. He’s dragged us down from .716 all by himself.