Taking almost all season to jell makes sense........

…for this team. CMA has 4 returning experienced players (Kingsley, Hannah, Beard, & Thompson) and 4 totally new guys (Macon, Barford, Cook, & Thomas) in his top 8. 3 JC’s and a transfer don’t walk into major college basketball and get comfortable with a new system overnight. Some JC’s don’t jell until their second season. So, our new guys have been inconsistent, have struggled at times, falling back on old habits rather than buying into a new and totally different system than they were used to. Looking forward to seeing how this combo holds up against A&M, Florida, and Georgia.

Don’t forget Auburn at their place.
We have Texas A&M at home
Auburn on the road
Florida on the road
Georgia at home
It is possible for this team to win out if they play well! I don’t expect them to shoot above 50% that’s a pipe dream but if they play defense and rebound well they can win them all. Scoring has not been the main problem. Once they started playing hard nosed zone defense together they seemed to share the ball and be better on the offensive end.
This year is not over but what we may see next year could make us feel proud with the incoming receuiting class. Back to be a contentender. I’ll feel a lot better when we beat Cal and his Kentucky wild chickens